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Dog Days: Graveyard Fields

Don’t forget your pup for this adventure.

There’s nothing better than taking a friend and your dog out for a hike. Pair that with a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway and it’s a match made in heaven! Graveyard Fields is one of the most popular spots on the parkway for families, dog-owners, and hikers alike in western NC. Graveyard Fields is an easy to moderate hiking spot located at mile marker 418.8.

He’s moving too fast for the camera at this fun spot!

I like Graveyard Fields because there is always a new spot to explore every time you go. After you descend into the valley from the entrance, there are immediately multiple routes you can take. You can make your way to a waterfall that you can scale straight up part way, or hike around to see from the top. If you’re Buster, you will not stand for anyone you like to climb up the waterfall. Your reward for making it to the top is a great view of the entire valley. 

Shallow creeks run through the entire field, perfect for fun games of fetch with dogs away from most people on the trails. If your dog likes water (even if they don’t particularly like swimming), get ready: Buster gets absolutely giddy when he gets to play in shallow water like this, so we have lots of fun running him around. Buster doesn’t like to, or is afraid of, swimming so this is the perfect spot for him. I have found Graveyard fields to be a great place to bring dogs, even if they aren’t great on trails, because of the relative openness compared to some of the narrower trails on the parkway. This would be a great spot to take your dog hiking for the first time. 

Bonus: Come visit next summer with a couple containers and join other visitors picking wild blueberries straight off the trail! There is something for everyone at this spot. 

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